Animal House Sanctuary

We Dont Just Find Homes, We Find Families

Our Mission

We are dedicated to restoring the hurt, broken & otherwise unwanted dogs, puppies, cats, & kittens.

Many of the animals we rescue come from unfortunate circumstances. Once rescued, we provide a loving & safe environment until we find a place they can call home.

YOU are the reason we are able to save so many lives. YOU are the reason we continue to succeed in our mission.

YOU support us by donating, volunteering, fostering, adopting, sharing our post, & praying for us.

YOU are why we are able to continue helping so many animals!!

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Application Processing Fee

For more infomation, see our Pet Application Access Page

To help limit adoption application submissions to those serious about adopting, there is now a $5.00 Application Processing Fee

AHS feels that is an appropriate & very reasonable amount. As always, ALL proceeds go toward the care of our animals.

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