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Every animal in our care comes to us with their own story. Many of them have had it harder than others, and have scars that need a healing touch. What they all have in common, is that they came to us from other rescues/shelters that felt they couldn’t take on their individual needs, and give them the necessary care needed to help them bloom into family pets. Most pets we welcome into our program, need extensive behavior and/or medical care before they are ready for their forever homes. We provide each pet with an unlimited amount of time to recover, along with individualized care and training customized to there needs.

We at Animal House Sanctuary love a challenge and have a soft spot for these special pets in need. Most of all, we love seeing each individual pet change into the family pet they were always meant to be. Watching this firsthand, is beyond rewarding and fills us with a joy that cannot be described in words.

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From Our Directer & Founder

We have dogs and cats that require life-saving medications several times a day. I don't get to pause my rescue responsibilities during the holidays. I fill pill boxes 3 times a week, which takes close to 2 hours to complete. Below are just some of our pets that who are depending on us and you to help keep them healthy, and in some cases alive.

🐾 Lola 🐾 Anubis 🐾 Maddie 🐾 Opie 🐾 Tucky 🐾 Mason. 🐾 Candy 🐾 Ghost

🐾 Squirrl🐾 Squirrel 🐾 Nessa 🐾 Uncle Sam 🐾 Gibbs 🐾 Bruce 🐾 Wabbit 🐾 Michone

If you would like to volunteer to help us fill meds, please click on the button. There are many other volunteer duties that are avaialbe too!!

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Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Bluffton Animal Clinic

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Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm ~ Sat: 8:00am- Noon ~ Sun: Closed

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World of Change

COVID has caused us to re-evaluate our adoption processes. Ultimately, our goal is to find the best home for our dogs & cats. We prefer to look at the whole picture and encourage applicants to communicate openly with us about any concerns or challenges that they may be facing. If you clam up and don't talk to us, we may be inclined to pass you by as a potential adopter.

We have to be able to have candid conversations with all potential adopters, so we can talk through training plans, history and the individual experiences AHS has had with each of our dogs. If you are open and honest with us, we are never opposed to trying something different or new in reguading our current adoption practices, as long as it means our dogs are winning in the end.

We need our adopters to understand that most of our dogs and cats are at the Sanctuary, mainly because some sort of behavioral rehabilitation was needed. Our dogs & cats may be broken, but they don't need fixed. What they need, is a safe place, a place to call home, and people to call their own. They need to be surrounded by people that will love & support them unconditionally, so they can continue to heal and become part of a forever family.